Pictures are of past animals not current.

Pet World ONLY buys from LOCAL sources and in most cases we buy the whole litter.  All of our puppies are seen at 4 and 6 weeks of age at which time they are treated for internal parasites and vaccinated against parvo.  We furnish the food for the puppies to wean on so that they are use to the same food that they will be fed when they arrive at Pet World.  Upon intake puppies are given treatment for internal and external parasites as well as checked for other potential problems before they go to our veterinarian for their health check. 

This program exceeds and adds 2 vaccinations to any state or federal requirements.  By having all puppies on the same vaccinations, worming schedule and eating the same food they were weaned on greatly reduces stress on the puppies.

Since we only get locally not all breeds are available and those that are may not be available all of the time.  We commonly have the following available.

Basset Hound – Beagle - Bichon Frise - Boston Terrier – Chihuahua – Cocker Spaniel – Dachshund – Japanese Chin – Lhasa Apso – Maltese – Papillon – Pekingese – Pomeranian – Pug – Schnauzer – Scottish Terrier – Sheltie – Shih Tzu – West Highland Terrier – Yorkshire Terrier  as well as a host of mix breed puppies.

FULL WARRANTY - The State of Florida has a required Warranty by law, it is considered your right as a purchaser.  This requirement like all warranties adds a substantial amount to the price.

LIMITED WARRANTY – As in all rights you can waive them.  If you choose to waive your right to a full warranty we can charge much less for your puppy.  Our limited warranty is as follows. The purchaser has 2 business days, in which if the puppy is certified by a Florida licensed veterinarian that it was unfit for purchase, the animal can be returned for a refund of the purchase price.